Miam-Player  0.8.0
A nice music player
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NTagLibForward declaration
 CAbstractSearchDialogPure virtual class which can be passed to plugins to be extended
 CAddressBarPlace where subfolders (instance of AddressBarButton) will be appended
 CAddressBarButtonPart of a long path
 CAddressBarDirectoryListUsed to mimic the behaviour of Windows' Explorer
 CAddressBarLineEditThe AddressBarLineEdit class
 CAddressBarMenuLike a popup menu which displays subdirectories
 CAlbumCoverUsed to manipulate cover albums inside music files
 CAlbumDAOSimple wrapper
 CAlbumItemThe AlbumItem class
 CArtistDAOSimple wrapper
 CArtistItemThe ArtistItem class
 CBasicPluginBase class for creating a plugin
 CChangeHierarchyButtonButton which changes how the LibraryTreeView class will display its content
 CClosePlaylistPopupSmall modal dialog
 CColorDialogThe ColorDialog class
 CColumnUtilsThe ColumnUtils class
 CCornerWidgetThe CornerWidget class
 CCoverThe Cover class
 CCustomizeOptionsDialogVery important class. It is designed to help one to customize options of Miam-Player
 CCustomizeThemeDialogVery important class. It is designed to help one to customize theme of Miam-Player
 CCustomizeThemeTagLineEditThe CustomizeThemeTagLineEdit class
 CDiscItemThe DiscItem class
 CDragDropDialogSmall modal dialog
 CEqualizerDialogDisplay a small 10-band equalizer
 CExtendedTabBarOnly used in left-pane to display 2 tabs (Library - FileSystem) where each has maximum length
 CExtendedTabWidgetDoes only one thing: bind shortcuts for tab Library and tab FileSystem
 CFileHelperUsed to extract various but relevant fields in all types of tags (MP3, Flac, etc)
 CFileSystemTreeViewDisplaying a standard file-system in a tree
 CGenericDAOSimple wrapper which contains basic informations about a file
 CImageUtilsAlgorithms on image processing
 CIMediaPlayerIMediaPlayer class is a pure virtual class implemented by plugins
 CItemViewPluginThe ItemViewPlugin class
 CJumpToWidgetDisplays letters which can be clicked to jump to a particular position in your Library
 CLibraryFilterLineEditThe LibraryFilterLineEdit class
 CLibraryFilterProxyModelUsed to filter Library by looking in all items
 CLibraryHeaderButton which can switch the LibraryTreeView from Ascending to Descending order
 CLibraryItemDelegateThe LibraryItemDelegate class
 CLibraryItemModelUsed to cache information from the database, in order to increase performance
 CLibraryOrderDialogDisplays a small popup which allows one to change the hierarchy
 CLibraryScrollBarUsed to hide covers when scrolling
 CLibraryTreeViewDisplaying tracks in a tree
 CLineEditThe LineEdit class
 CListViewUsed to display thousands of tracks in a single list
 CLogBrowserShows logs on screen
 CLogBrowserDialogPopup which converts debug strings
 CMainWindowEntry point of this audio player
 CMediaButtonUseful for buttons like "Play", "Stop", etc
 CMediaPlayerCentral class which controls local and remote sources
 CMediaPlayerPluginThe MediaPlayerPlugin class
 CMediaPlaylistHas been created to have a custom Random mode
 CMiamItemDelegateBase class for drawing music informations in a QTreeView or a QListView
 CMiamItemModelThe MiamItemModel class
 CMiamSliderStyle aware class
 CMiamSortFilterProxyModelThe MiamSortFilterProxyModel class
 CMiamStyleThe MiamStyle class
 CMiamStyledItemDelegateThe MiamStyledItemDelegate class
 CMusicSearchEngineThe MusicSearchEngine class
 CNoFocusItemDelegateCancel drawFocus method
 CPaintableWidgetSmall class which can react to color change
 CPlaybackModeWidgetThe PlaybackModeWidget class
 CPlaybackModeWidgetFactoryFactory or helper?
 CPlaylistUsed to display tracks in the MainWindow class
 CPlaylistDAOSimple wrapper which contains basic informations about a playlist
 CPlaylistDialogCan save, load and export playlists in m3u format
 CPlaylistHeaderViewThe PlaylistHeaderView class
 CPlaylistItemDelegateDelegate used to display rows in a table
 CPlaylistManagerUsed to Create/Read/Update/Delete playlists in SQLite DB
 CPlaylistModelUnderlying class for Playlist class
 CPluginInfoData Access Object
 CPluginManagerCan dynamically load or unload plugins without restarting the application
 CQtLockedFileExtends QFile with advisory locking functions
 CQtSingleApplicationAPI to detect and communicate with running instances of an application
 CQtSingleCoreApplicationA variant of the QtSingleApplication class for non-GUI applications
 CQuickStartUsed at startup to display a list of places where one can choose how to scan his harddrive
 CQuickStartSearchEngineThe QuickStartSearchEngine class
 CReflectorThe Reflector Class is only designed to help the way one can customize colors
 CRemoteMediaPlayerPluginThe RemoteMediaPlayerPlugin class
 CScrollBarThe ScrollBar class
 CSearchBarThe SearchBar class
 CSearchDialogPopup dialog which opens when one is typing text
 CSeekBarUsed to display a nice seek bar instead of default slider
 CSelectedTracksModelThe SelectedTracksModel class
 CSeparatorItemThe SeparatorItem class
 CSettingsSettings class contains all relevant pairs of (keys, values) used by Miam-Player
 CSettingsPrivateSettingsPrivate class contains all relevant pairs of (keys, values) used by Miam-Player
 CSqlDatabaseUses SQLite to store few but useful tables for tracks, playlists, etc
 CStarDelegateUsed to draw stars for ratings
 CStarEditorReusing the example provided with Qt Framework
 CStarRatingReusing the example provided with Qt Framework
 CStarsWidgetThe StarsWidget class
 CStopButtonCustom class for the Stop button only
 CTabBarUsed to be able to rename a tab, e.g. a Playlist
 CTabPlaylistUsed to manage mutiple playlists in the MainWindow class
 CTagButtonSmall closable button which can be inserted in a QLineEdit
 CTagConverterDisplays a small popup to help one to extract Tag into files and vice-versa
 CTagEditorMain class for editing metadata inside this soft
 CTagEditorPluginThe TagEditorPlugin class
 CTagEditorTableWidgetTable where one can select lines in order to edit multiple tags
 CTagLineEditThe TagLineEdit class
 CTimeLabelDisplay up to three modes for the length of a track
 CTrackDAOSimple wrapper which contains basic informations about a file
 CTrackItemThe TrackItem class
 CTracksNotFoundMessageBoxThe TracksNotFoundMessageBox class
 CTreeViewBase class for displaying trees in the player
 CUniqueLibraryThe UniqueLibrary class
 CUniqueLibraryItemDelegateUsed to render item in a specific way
 CUniqueLibraryItemModelModel used to store all tracks in a list view
 CVolumeSliderUsed to display a nice volume bar instead of default slider
 CYearDAOSimple wrapper
 CYearItemThe YearItem class