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BasicPlugin Class Referenceabstract

The BasicPlugin class is the base class for creating a plugin. More...

#include <basicplugin.h>

Inheritance diagram for BasicPlugin:
ItemViewPlugin MediaPlayerPlugin RemoteMediaPlayerPlugin TagEditorPlugin

Public Member Functions

 BasicPlugin (QObject *parent=nullptr)
virtual ~BasicPlugin ()
virtual QStringList classesToExtend ()
virtual void cleanUpBeforeDestroy ()
virtual QWidget * configPage ()=0
virtual void init ()
virtual bool isConfigurable () const =0
virtual QString name () const =0
virtual QString version () const =0

Public Attributes

QTranslator translator

Detailed Description

The BasicPlugin class is the base class for creating a plugin.

Derived classes that will use this interface must reimplement almost everything (name, version, etc).

Matthieu Bachelier

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BasicPlugin::BasicPlugin ( QObject *  parent = nullptr)
virtual BasicPlugin::~BasicPlugin ( )

Default desctructor.

Member Function Documentation

virtual QStringList BasicPlugin::classesToExtend ( )

This method can specify some classes to extend at runtime, like QMenu (for appending new items).

Reimplemented in ItemViewPlugin.

virtual void BasicPlugin::cleanUpBeforeDestroy ( )
virtual QWidget* BasicPlugin::configPage ( )
pure virtual

This Widget is instanciated in settings and appended to the list of plugin which can be customized at runtime.

virtual void BasicPlugin::init ( )
virtual bool BasicPlugin::isConfigurable ( ) const
pure virtual

Must return true if this plugin provides a config page.

virtual QString BasicPlugin::name ( ) const
pure virtual

Name of plugin displayed in settings.

virtual QString BasicPlugin::version ( ) const
pure virtual

Version of this plugin.

Member Data Documentation

QTranslator BasicPlugin::translator

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