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LibraryTreeView Class Reference

The LibraryTreeView class is displaying tracks in a tree. More...

#include <librarytreeview.h>

Inheritance diagram for LibraryTreeView:
TreeView SelectedTracksModel

Public Slots

void changeSortOrder ()
virtual void reset () override
- Public Slots inherited from TreeView
void appendToPlaylist ()
void insertToPlaylist (int rowIndex)
void openTagEditor ()


void aboutToUpdateCoverSize ()
- Signals inherited from TreeView
void aboutToInsertToPlaylist (int rowIndex, const QStringList &tracks)
void sendToTagEditor (const QModelIndexList indexes, const QStringList &tracks)

Public Member Functions

 LibraryTreeView (QWidget *parent=nullptr)
void createConnectionsToDB ()
const QImage * expandedCover (AlbumItem *album) const
virtual void findAll (const QModelIndex &index, QStringList &tracks) const override
void findMusic (const QString &text)
JumpToWidgetjumpToWidget () const
LibraryItemModelmodel () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from TreeView
 TreeView (QWidget *parent=nullptr)
virtual QStringList selectedTracks () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from SelectedTracksModel
virtual ~SelectedTracksModel ()

Public Attributes

QMenu * properties
QShortcut * sendToCurrentPlaylist
QShortcut * openTagEditor

Protected Member Functions

virtual void contextMenuEvent (QContextMenuEvent *event) override
virtual bool eventFilter (QObject *obj, QEvent *event) override
virtual void paintEvent (QPaintEvent *) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from TreeView
virtual void startDrag (Qt::DropActions supportedActions) override

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from TreeView
QModelIndexList _cacheSelectedIndexes

Detailed Description

The LibraryTreeView class is displaying tracks in a tree.

Multiple hierarchies can be chosen by one with a right click on the header: Artist \ Album \ Track, Year \ Artist - Album, etc.

Matthieu Bachelier

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

LibraryTreeView::LibraryTreeView ( QWidget *  parent = nullptr)

Member Function Documentation

void LibraryTreeView::aboutToUpdateCoverSize ( )
void LibraryTreeView::changeSortOrder ( )

Invert the current sort order.

void LibraryTreeView::contextMenuEvent ( QContextMenuEvent *  event)

Redefined to display a small context menu in the view.

void LibraryTreeView::createConnectionsToDB ( )
bool LibraryTreeView::eventFilter ( QObject *  obj,
QEvent *  event 

Redefined to override shortcuts that are mapped on simple keys.

const QImage * LibraryTreeView::expandedCover ( AlbumItem album) const
void LibraryTreeView::findAll ( const QModelIndex &  index,
QStringList &  tracks 
) const


Implements TreeView.

void LibraryTreeView::findMusic ( const QString &  text)
JumpToWidget* LibraryTreeView::jumpToWidget ( ) const
LibraryItemModel* LibraryTreeView::model ( ) const
void LibraryTreeView::paintEvent ( QPaintEvent *  event)

XXX: magic number

void LibraryTreeView::reset ( )


Reload covers when one has changed cover size in options. Reimplemented.

Member Data Documentation

QShortcut* LibraryTreeView::openTagEditor
QMenu* LibraryTreeView::properties

Extendable context menu shown on screen to dispatch tracks (or albums, etc) to Playlist, Tag Editor, and custom plugin defined actions.

QShortcut* LibraryTreeView::sendToCurrentPlaylist

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