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LogBrowser Class Reference

The LogBrowser class shows logs on screen. More...

#include <logbrowser.h>

Inheritance diagram for LogBrowser:

Public Slots

void outputMessage (QtMsgType type, const QString &msg)
void show ()


void sendMessage (QtMsgType type, const QString &msg)

Public Member Functions

 LogBrowser (QObject *parent=nullptr)
 ~LogBrowser ()

Detailed Description

The LogBrowser class shows logs on screen.

The wrapper is instantiated in the main function of an application and creates the browser window. It also acts as an intermediary and converts the const char * based messages from the debug system into QString based messages. With this trick the debug messages can be sent to the actual browser by the means of signal/slot connections. This adds basic thread support to the browser.


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

LogBrowser::LogBrowser ( QObject *  parent = nullptr)
LogBrowser::~LogBrowser ( )

Member Function Documentation

void LogBrowser::outputMessage ( QtMsgType  type,
const QString &  msg 
void LogBrowser::sendMessage ( QtMsgType  type,
const QString &  msg 
void LogBrowser::show ( )

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