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QuickStart Class Reference

The QuickStart class is used at startup to display a list of places where one can choose how to scan his harddrive. More...

#include <quickstart.h>

Inheritance diagram for QuickStart:
Ui::QuickStart Ui_QuickStart

Public Slots

void insertFirstRow ()
void insertRow (const QFileInfo &, const int &)

Public Member Functions

 QuickStart (MainWindow *mainWindow)
virtual bool eventFilter (QObject *, QEvent *e) override
void searchMultimediaFiles ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Ui_QuickStart
void setupUi (QWidget *QuickStart)
void retranslateUi (QWidget *QuickStart)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void paintEvent (QPaintEvent *) override

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from Ui_QuickStart
QVBoxLayout * verticalLayout
QGroupBox * defaultFolderGroupBox
QVBoxLayout * verticalLayout_2
QTableWidget * defaultFolderTableWidget
QDialogButtonBox * defaultFolderApplyButton
QLabel * orLabel
QGroupBox * quickStartGroupBox
QVBoxLayout * verticalLayout_5
QTableWidget * quickStartTableWidget
QLabel * quickStartLabel
QDialogButtonBox * quickStartApplyButton
QLabel * otherwiseLabel
QCommandLinkButton * commandLinkButtonLibrary
QSpacerItem * verticalSpacer

Detailed Description

The QuickStart class is used at startup to display a list of places where one can choose how to scan his harddrive.

This class extends QWidget and offers to the user 3 differents ways to add filesystem path.

  1. On recent systems, there is a default music folder that can be selected.
  2. This second choice is the default music folder but displayed in details. Each subdirectory is listed and one can manually select folders. Empty folders are unchecked by default.
  3. The last one is just a QCommandLinkButton, if one wants to browse the filesystem. It actually opens the CustomizeOptionsDialog and it's possible to be very precise in how path will be added to the Library.
    Matthieu Bachelier

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QuickStart::QuickStart ( MainWindow mainWindow)

Member Function Documentation

bool QuickStart::eventFilter ( QObject *  ,
QEvent *  e 
void QuickStart::insertFirstRow ( )

Insert above other rows a new one with a Master checkbox to select/unselect all.

void QuickStart::insertRow ( const QFileInfo &  fileInfo,
const int &  musicFileNumber 

Insert a row with a checkbox with folder's name and the number of files in this folder.

void QuickStart::paintEvent ( QPaintEvent *  )
void QuickStart::searchMultimediaFiles ( )

The first time the player is launched, this function will scan for multimedia files.

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