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QxtGlobalShortcutPrivate Class Reference

#include <qxtglobalshortcut_p.h>

Inheritance diagram for QxtGlobalShortcutPrivate:
QxtPrivate< QxtGlobalShortcut >

Public Member Functions

 QxtGlobalShortcutPrivate ()
 ~QxtGlobalShortcutPrivate ()
bool setShortcut (const QKeySequence &shortcut)
bool unsetShortcut ()
virtual bool nativeEventFilter (const QByteArray &eventType, void *message, long *result) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from QxtPrivate< QxtGlobalShortcut >
virtual ~QxtPrivate ()
void QXT_setPublic (QxtGlobalShortcut *pub)

Static Public Member Functions

static void activateShortcut (quint32 nativeKey, quint32 nativeMods)

Public Attributes

bool enabled
Qt::Key key
Qt::KeyboardModifiers mods

Static Public Attributes

static bool error
static int ref = 0

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from QxtPrivate< QxtGlobalShortcut >
QxtGlobalShortcutqxt_p ()
const QxtGlobalShortcutqxt_p () const
QxtGlobalShortcutqxt_ptr ()
const QxtGlobalShortcutqxt_ptr () const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QxtGlobalShortcutPrivate::QxtGlobalShortcutPrivate ( )
QxtGlobalShortcutPrivate::~QxtGlobalShortcutPrivate ( )

Member Function Documentation

void QxtGlobalShortcutPrivate::activateShortcut ( quint32  nativeKey,
quint32  nativeMods 
virtual bool QxtGlobalShortcutPrivate::nativeEventFilter ( const QByteArray &  eventType,
void *  message,
long *  result 
bool QxtGlobalShortcutPrivate::setShortcut ( const QKeySequence &  shortcut)
bool QxtGlobalShortcutPrivate::unsetShortcut ( )

Member Data Documentation

bool QxtGlobalShortcutPrivate::enabled
bool QxtGlobalShortcutPrivate::error
Qt::Key QxtGlobalShortcutPrivate::key
Qt::KeyboardModifiers QxtGlobalShortcutPrivate::mods
int QxtGlobalShortcutPrivate::ref = 0

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