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TrackDAO Class Reference

The TrackDAO class is a simple wrapper which contains basic informations about a file. More...

#include <trackdao.h>

Inheritance diagram for TrackDAO:

Public Member Functions

 TrackDAO (QObject *parent=nullptr)
 TrackDAO (const TrackDAO &other)
TrackDAOoperator= (const TrackDAO &other)
virtual ~TrackDAO ()
QString album () const
void setAlbum (const QString &album)
QString artist () const
void setArtist (const QString &artist)
QString artistAlbum () const
void setArtistAlbum (const QString &artistAlbum)
QString disc () const
void setDisc (const QString &disc)
QString length () const
void setLength (const QString &length)
int rating () const
void setRating (int rating)
QString source () const
void setSource (const QString &source)
QString trackNumber (bool twoDigits=false) const
void setTrackNumber (const QString &trackNumber)
QString uri () const
void setUri (const QString &uri)
QString year () const
void setYear (const QString &year)
virtual uint hash () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from GenericDAO
 GenericDAO (Miam::ItemType itemType=Miam::IT_UnknownType, QObject *parent=nullptr)
 GenericDAO (const GenericDAO &remoteObject)
GenericDAOoperator= (const GenericDAO &other)
virtual ~GenericDAO ()
QString checksum () const
void setChecksum (const QString &checksum)
QString host () const
void setHost (const QString &host)
QString icon () const
void setIcon (const QString &icon)
QString id () const
void setId (const QString &id)
void setParentNode (GenericDAO *parentNode)
GenericDAOparentNode () const
QString title () const
void setTitle (const QString &title)
QString titleNormalized () const
void setTitleNormalized (const QString &titleNormalized)
Miam::ItemType type () const

Detailed Description

The TrackDAO class is a simple wrapper which contains basic informations about a file.

Matthieu Bachelier

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TrackDAO::TrackDAO ( QObject *  parent = nullptr)
TrackDAO::TrackDAO ( const TrackDAO other)
TrackDAO::~TrackDAO ( )

Member Function Documentation

QString TrackDAO::album ( ) const
QString TrackDAO::artist ( ) const
QString TrackDAO::artistAlbum ( ) const
QString TrackDAO::disc ( ) const
uint TrackDAO::hash ( ) const

Reimplemented from GenericDAO.

QString TrackDAO::length ( ) const
TrackDAO & TrackDAO::operator= ( const TrackDAO other)
int TrackDAO::rating ( ) const
void TrackDAO::setAlbum ( const QString &  album)
void TrackDAO::setArtist ( const QString &  artist)
void TrackDAO::setArtistAlbum ( const QString &  artistAlbum)
void TrackDAO::setDisc ( const QString &  disc)
void TrackDAO::setLength ( const QString &  length)
void TrackDAO::setRating ( int  rating)
void TrackDAO::setSource ( const QString &  source)
void TrackDAO::setTrackNumber ( const QString &  trackNumber)
void TrackDAO::setUri ( const QString &  uri)
void TrackDAO::setYear ( const QString &  year)
QString TrackDAO::source ( ) const
QString TrackDAO::trackNumber ( bool  twoDigits = false) const
QString TrackDAO::uri ( ) const
QString TrackDAO::year ( ) const

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