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Miam-Player is a simple — but powerful — Audio Player which plays MP3, Flac, M4A, Ogg Vorbis and more.


  1. Easy to use
  2. Using Miam-Player: Customization: themes, icons, fonts, colors, size of items, etc
  3. Using Miam-Player: Tag Editor inside the player (including cover). Do it by batch or by single file
  4. Using Miam-Player: Jump-To feature to navigate quickly in your library
  5. Support Using Miam-Player: Drag & Drop from your filesystem to the player. Also, drag from one playlist to another
  6. Using Miam-Player: File Explorer in case your files where not tagged properly
  7. Plugin system to extend possibilites of the player: on Windows 7 and 8, support thumbnails buttons to control the player, progress bar, overlay icon
  8. Cross-platform: Windows, Linux, OS X
  9. And fast!


Below is the general overview of Miam-Player. On the left side there your is music library, and on the right side you can manage playlists. general_overview.png

You can also re-tag or rename MP3 by right-clicking on some files or directories in the library on your left. Then, a tag editor is opening and replaces your playlists (they are still there of course): tag_editor.png

In the options dialog, you can customize the library, the language of the software, every shortcuts, and the playback. customize-library.png

In the appearance dialog, you can customize almost everything: colors, fonts, covers, buttons, and so on. customize-colors.png